Ten questions for Geoffrey Hill

  1. How did you destroy your marriage?
  2. As we’ll never know what haemony means, why do you go on about it?
  3. How do you feel about those people who refer to your later work  as ‘the Prozac stuff’?
  4. Where did you get the idea from to do the Mercian Hymns in that way?
  5. Did it feel like you were being raped by God?
  6. What’s so great about Hopkins?
  7. Does it bother you that no-one else shares your political views?
  8. How well did you know Gillian Rose?
  9. Does the atemwende that you use in the Orchards of Sion refer to the address or the book?
  10. Are you the abused child in the Triumph of  Love?

Any others?

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