terms or the many different ways of writing Prynne 1 (probably) of 2

Michael Wolf - Tokyo Compression image no 50

This is one of those awful poems ‘about’ poetry that was constructed by a machine this afternoon so I cannot vouch for its accuracy.

There is a poem within this poem and I have no idea why it should be there. I have many questions for this poem but I’m not getting an answer.

bebrowed 504
importance of poetry 200
keston sutherland 171
bebrowed blog 154
obscure poems 125
jh prynne 107
jeremy prynne 104
j h prynne 102
the importance of poetry 88
j.h. prynne 73
derrida shibboleth 70
erica baum 65
simon jarvis 64
oraclau/oracles 60
keston sutherland stress position 58
shibboleth derrida 57
bebrowed’s blog 57
difficult poetry 55
simon jarvis dionysus crucified 52
upon appleton house analysis 49
j. h. prynne 46
“cambridge literary review” 44
neil pattison 44
zizek foucault 43
upon appleton house 42
zizek on foucault 32
bebroweds blog 32
prynne huts 28
tl61p 27
geoffrey hill 26
erica baum photography 26
“geoffrey hill” 24
adorno lyric poetry and society 24
aschenglorie 24
stress position keston sutherland 23
jh prynne huts 23
paul celan shibboleth 23
wendy brown walls 21
simon jarvis poetry 21
luke roberts poetry 20
jocund day 20
shibboleth for paul celan 20
geoffrey hill clavics 20
jonty tiplady 20
prynne -hester 20
vanessa place 20
prynne mental ears 19
obscure poem 19
j h prynne huts 19
poems about secrecy 19
“keston sutherland” 19
shibboleth celan 18
prynne poems 18
“j.h. prynne” 18
jh prynne sub songs 18
prynne refuse collection 17
shibboleth paul celan 17
j.h. prynne huts 16
sub songs 16
celan derrida 16
prynne sub songs 16
“simon jarvis” 16
upon appleton house summary 16
stress position 16
keston sutherland sonnets 16
jh prynne 2011 15
“jeremy prynne” 15
poems about having a good time 15
simon jarvis the unconditional 15
obscure poetry 15
j.h. prynne 2011 15
john wilkinson poet 14
odes to tl61p 14
sub songs prynne 14
clever poetry 14
mental ears 14
jh prynne streak willing entourage artesian 14
poetics and politics of witnessing 14
derrida celan 13
foucault zizek 13
derrida witnessing 13
celan aschenglorie 13
prynne china 12
poetry and its importance 12
daniel poppick 12
ubuweb 12
no one bears witness for the witness 12
streak willing entourage artesian 12
aschenglorie celan 12
mental ears and poetic work 12
simon jarvis dionysus 12
to pollen prynne 11
neil pattison cambridge 11
derrida witness 11
keston sutherland odes 11
making of mere brightness the air to tremble 11
criticism the solitary reaper 11
“claudius app” 11
“geoffrey hill 11
sarah kelly poetry 10
arduity 10
celan shibboleth 10
kevin nolan poet 10
“neil pattison” 10
j. h. prynne sub songs 10
prynne celan 10
what is the importance of poetry 10
adorno on lyric poetry and society 10
“robert archambeau” 10
geoffrey hill gillian rose 9
timothy thornton jocund day 9
secrecy poems 9
adorno lyric poetry 9
olson prynne 9
jeremy prynne poems 9
prynne poetic thought 9
j h prynne poems 9
j. h. prynne huts 9
j.h.prynne 9
neil pattison poetry 9
keston sutherland sonnet 9
jacques derrida shibboleth 9
“erica baum” 9
erica baum photographer 9
derrida poetics and politics of witnessing 9
charles olson 8
shibboleth jacques derrida 8
lachlan mackinnon geoffrey hill 8
clavics 8
anathemata 8
prynne 8
derrida bearing witness 8
prynne olson 8
recession poem 8
thomas day geoffrey hill 8
“kenneth goldsmith” 8
barque press 8
cultural criticism blog 8
geoffrey hill annunciations 8
prynne “powre to hurt” 8
francesca lisette 8
prynne wordsworth 8
on lyric poetry and society 8
prynne sutherland 8
“on lyric poetry and society” 7
prynne “poetic thought” 7
metamodernism 7
geoffrey hill oraclau oracles 7
maximus poems 7
hot white andy 7
obsession poems 7
poetic thought prynne 7
andrew marvell upon appleton house analysis 7
simon jarvis and pope 7
neil pattison poet 7
“the claudius app” 7
jh prynne to pollen 7
aschenglorie paul celan 7
difficult poems 7
ashbery 7
poetics and politics of witnessing derrida 7
prynne heidegger 7
geoffrey hill 2011 7
jh prynne poems 7
prynne paris 7
unanswering rational shore 7
adorno poetry 7
geoffrey hill celan 7
j h prynne sub songs 7
obsessed poems 7
paul celan derrida 7
prynne “mental ears” -hester 7
geoffrey hill dawkins 7
keston sutherland wrong poetry 7
prynne resistance and difficulty 7
prynne “mental ears” 6
adorno blog 6
kenneth goldsmith 6
simon jarvis poems 6
“j h prynne” 6
foucault everyday 6
j h prynne interview 6
olson postmodern 6
simon jarvis tls 6
andrew marvell upon appleton house 6
j h prynne george herbert 6
simon jarvis 2011 6
j h prynne mental ears 6
derrida shibboleth for paul celan 6
dionysus crucified 6
prynne “sub songs” 6
obsure poems 6
paul celan ashenglorie 6
simon jarvis bebrowed 6
jh prynne “refuse collection” 6
geoffrey hill clavics review 6
geoffrey hill blog 6
keston sutherland hot white andy 6
zizek and foucault 6
“a crossroads where the dead come to meet” 6
geoffrey hill welshness 6
foucault life 6
jeremy prynne interview 6
charles olson postmodern 6
j.h.prynne 2010 6
paul celan 6
prynne solitary reaper 6
jh prynne prose 6
jonny liron 6
keston sutherland stress positions 6
neil pattison prynne 6
j h prynne geoffrey hill 6
prynne j.h. mp3 6
timothy thornton poetry 5
prynne poetry -hester -amazon -barque -bloodaxe -kerridge -kinsella 5
stress position sutherland 5
derrida 5
luke roberts poet 5
j h prynne charles olson 5
simon jarvis poem 5
foucault everyday life 5
refuse collection prynne 5
importance of word choice in poetry 5
simon jarvis prosody 5
andrew marvell upon appleton house summary 5
celan nobody bears witness for the witness 5
“neil pattison” cambridge 5
laurence crane 5
sean bonney poems 5
streak willing entourage 5
shibboleth: for paul celan 5
keston sutherland wrongness 5
paul celan essay 5
cultural criticism poetry 5
chris goode blog 5
prynne not-you 5
sutherland stress position 5
paul celan quotes 5
“better than language” 5
sub songs j. h. prynne 5
j.h. prynne poems 5
prynne in paris 5
solve paul celan 5
“chris goode” 5
“no one bears witness for the witness” 5
“for the sake of an encounter” celan 5
paul celan blog 5
prynne jh 5
simon jarvis music 5
poem on recession 5
mercian hymns 5
jeremy prynne wordsworth 5
joe luna poetry 5
postmodernism blog 5
“john wilkinson” poet 5
emily dorman 5
no one bears witness for the witness celan 5
lyric poetry and society adorno 5
heidegger prynne 5
lucas manyane fritzl 5
j.h. prynne 2010 5
secrecy poem 5
clavics geoffrey hill 5
glossator prynne 5
oracles geoffrey hill 5
sean bonney 5
explanation of “… and no kind of” poem paul celan 5
harold brodkey 5
example of philosophic poetry 5
keston sutherland blog 5
michael thomas taren 5
short obscure poems 4
adorno lyric poetry and society summary 4
jhprynne 4
william cobbett poems 4
timothy thornton twitter 4
simon jarvis cognition 4
celan heidegger 4
adorno “lyric poetry and society” 4
go blind paul celan 4
on lyric poetry and society adorno 4
j h prynne to pollen 4
bevis of hampton 4
f subscript zero 4
“michael thomas taren” 4
geoffrey hill blgo 4
adorno on lyric and society- summary 4
“jonty tiplady” 4
importance+of+poetry 4
prynne triodes 4
derrida shiboleth 4
nobody bears witness for the witness 4
cartography poetry 4
timothy thornton 4
george herbert love prynne 4
solitary reaper prynne 4
simon jarvis unconditional 4
simon jarvis erlkonig 4
j h prynne 2011 4
pyrnne prose 4
marvell upon appleton house 4
j. h. prynne poems 4
cartography poem 4
poetry about obsession 4
celan prynne 4
derrida shibbolet 4
lucas fritzl 4
“mental ears and poetic work” 4
ubuweb photography 4
simon jarvis philosophy of verse 4
shiboleth derrida 4
oraclau 4
simon jarvis wallace stevens 4
paul celan boat poem 4
“making of mere brightness the air to tremble” 4
poetry and philosophy 4
“mental ears” 4
wordsworth solitary reaper 4
poems with obscure meanings 4
adorno on poetry 4
poetry about the recession 4
simon lygo poet 4
solitary reaper literary criticism 4
queer praxis 4
john wilkinson, poet 4
claudius app 4
derrida on witnessing 4
celan witness 4
erlkonig simon jarvis 4
jh prynne refuse collection 4
charles olson postmodernism 4
jh prynne china 4
adorno lyric and society 4
keston sutherland “stress position” 4
celan no one bears witness for the witness 4
neil pattison prynne oval window 4
red d gypsum 4
geoffrey hill and comedy 4
dawkins heidegger 4
geoffrey hill oraclau 4
geoffrey hill j h prynne 4
bebrowed clavics 4
prynne “refuse collection” 4
the pentecost castle 4
ashenglorie 4
review simon jarvis the unconditional 4
a a a domine deus david jones 4
keston sutherland wordsworth 4
the stats on infinity 4
lyric poetry and society 4
“lyric poetry and society” adorno 4
lumen de lumine 4
“harold brodkey” 4
acrylic tips j.h. prynne 4
kevin nolan poetry 4
jocund day timothy thornton 4
keston sutherland the stats on infinity 4
bebrowed’s blog 4
prynne poetry 4
simon jarvis wordsworth’s philosophic song review 3
robert potts tls 3
appleton house analysis 3
who is bebrowed? 3
breathturn joris 3
geoffrey hill oracles 3
poem having a good time 3
bear witness for the witness celan 3
word order, jh prynne 3
j h prynne refuse collection 3
simon jarvis pope 3
dawkins geoffrey hill 3
go blind now, today; eternity also is full of eyes- in them drowns what helped images down the way they came, in them fades what took you out of language, lifted you out with a gesture which you allowed to happen like the dance of words made of autumn and silk and nothingness. 3
to the white lake blot claudius app 3
“cambridge literary review 3
“erica baum” “dog ear” 3
anathemata david jones 3
justin katko 3
poetry importance 3
keston sutherland sonnets cleaves 3
celan shibboleth poem 3
only the brave j h prynne 3
appleton house marvell 3
atemwende 3
milton comus comedy 3
badiou 3
derrida celan reader 3
http://www.grace.benefitsnow.com 3
“laurence crane” 3
edmund spenser romance 3
derrida blog 3
keston sutherland beckett 3
poems about getting distracted 3
prynne hut 3
“grinning cake” hill 3
lumen de lumine meaning 3
deconstruction blog derrida 3
geoffrey hill red tory 3
stress position black beauty 3
wood s lot blog 3
clavics “geoffrey hill” 3
celan “no one bears witness” 3
prynne to pollen 3
sub songs j.h. prynne 3
who bears witness for the witness paul celan 3
“keston sutherland” poem 3
“crossroads where the dead come to meet” 3
“cambridge literary review” + torrent 3
“wendy brown” walls 3
simon jarvis unconditional bebrowed otl 3
word order, poem, jh prynne 3
the solitary reaper criticism 3
prynne prelude olsen 3
gillian rose geoffrey hill 3
prynne “kent johnson” 3
j h prynne streak willing artesian 3
nigel smith wayside shrines 3
aodrno “lyric poetry and society” 3
clavics extract geoffrey hill 3
the solitary reaper execution scene 3
paul celan english translation 3
john kinsella 3
prynne merleau-ponty 3
keston sutherland’s odes to tl61p 3
simon jarvis criticism 3
solitary reaper criticism 3
wendy brown blog 3
“paul celan” shibboleth 3
keston sutherland poems 3
cultural criticism in poetry 3
“to pollen” prynne 3
“divya victor” 2011 3
criticism of solitary reaper 3
upon appleton house country house poem 3
keston sutherland reindeer 3
j.h. prynne. 3
jeremy prynne the prelude 3
simon jarvis cambridge 3
the maximus poems 3
jh prynne, 2010 3
paul celan go blind 3
vanessa place poem 3
having a good time poem 3
wendy brown hamburg 3
geoffrey hill prynne 3
keston sutherland prose 3
what’s new j.h. prynne 3
nigel smith marvell 3
“simon jarvis” erlkonig 3
annunciations hill 3
letter to raleigh 3
adorno prynne 3
geoffrey hill tls 3
geoffrey hill depression 3
geoffrey hill jh prynne 3
jh prynne geoffrey hill 3
adorno on lyric poetry and society summary 3
geoffrey hill overrated 3
nat raha blog 3
dying to belong song list 3
paul celan go blind now 3
celan huttenfenster 3
“stress position” sutherland review 3
j. h. prynne on wordsworth 3
aschenglorie hinter 3
scope of philosophy 3
clean no one bears witness for the winess 3
adorno poetry and society 3
review on mercian hymns mental illness 3
tomas weber poet 3
quotations on poetry and philosophy 3
prynne glossator -hester 3
simon jarvis prosody as cognition 3
“simon jarvis” rhyme 3
prynne’s mental ears 3
on lyric poetry and society adorno summary 3
obscure poetry sites 3
a poem title the awkward age 3
john james in romsey town 3
keston sutherland criticism 3
philosophy 3
oraclau oracles 3
“refuse collection” prynne 3
prynne resistance difficulty 3
philosophy and poetry blog 3
i’ve spent 2 weeks studying 1 poem by prynne 3
clavics review 3
dionysus crucified simon jarvis 3
“jocund day” 3
ashenglorie celan 3
derrida shibboleth celan 3
“simon jarvis” “vanishingly trivial” 3
word order jh prynne 3
‘simon jarvis’ unconditional 3
foucault exquisite corpse 3
postmodern poetry can be described as 3
edmund spenser blog 3
berlin “sergey larenkov” 3
“jh prynne” 3

6 responses to “terms or the many different ways of writing Prynne 1 (probably) of 2

  1. I like this, Though it seems odd to ‘like’ a poem written by a machine. I guess it’s a bit like making poems from Gillian Welch set lists, or ripped up newspaper. I think it ‘counts’. I like it because it has all of the elements of repetition in it that you’ve been playing with, the different but same ways of saying the same thing. It tells us something about how people ask questions of machines (which I am fascinated by). It has metrics. It is very dense. Prynne appears a comical number of times. The squashed man goes with it because he’s squashed by the weight of all of those people searching, perhaps trying different combinations of the same thing, perhaps ending up here time and again no matter what they search for. And it’s a list, and you know how I feel about lists….

    • It was going to be put out without intro or image and then I felt that this might be too austere although I’m not sure about the poem within a poem quip. I’ve got a personal relationship with this list but there’s something about the gap between me as someone who has some responsibility for the data and the data itself and it’s this kind of gap that I think/feel that poetry ought to be ‘doing’ in the clattering now.
      The next one has more numbers but fewer lines….

  2. Oh, and who are the 26 people that searched for tl61p? Were they you, trying to find out a meaning and keeping being redirected to yourself? Was it people searching for a product number, error code, spare part, who had no idea how or why they got /here/?

    And the line that just says 4…. a mistake? or a censored search work? or 4 searches for nothing at all that miraculously came here?

    • No idea, wasn’t me being redirected to me because I found the ‘answer’ in print. I think ‘4’ is the best line in the piece and I especially like the fact that there’s nobody to ask.

  3. I especially liked ‘importance of word choice in poetry 5’. I think that line justifies the entire piece – assuming that justification was ever required.

    • Brad,

      Thanks for this, I’m becoming increasingly interested in the clusters of names that set up a repetition over a few lines and then fade away…. I’m only starting to notice this kind of thing.

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