Door via rio wang

present at the moment of death : relevant information about the mode of death : hallmark on it : would leave the door unlocked : had never married : Form B is clearly misleading : process of death : long-standing atrial fibrillation : the guise of taking a blood sample : does not accord with what any reasonable : occurred later than it did : over the telephone on the evening before she died : within a very short time : would leave the door unlocked : stroke had begun about two hours : Nor did he call an ambulance : occur without any warning : lived alone since the death of her sister : without any clear agonal event : seated in a chair, fully dressed : in itself arouses suspicion : an attempt to provide a plausible explanation : killed by lethal injection : investigated the death and took statements : not in obvious pain and she did not mention pain : carried it in 30mg ampoules : any reasonable : the guise ; Nor did he call ; since the death ; over the telephone : fully dressed : a very short time : hallmark : long standing : the evening before : clearly unclear : morphine : door unlocked : in a chair.

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