A brief annonucement

I’ve decided to spend a few months doing other things thus spend less time writing here. The reasons for this (I think) are twofold- I think I need something a bit more focused to occupy my head and this new project will be a way to develop my writing in different ways, I also find that I’m now reading things and thinking of ways to blog about them which is more than a little annoying. This isn’t to say that I’m stopping whatever this is but I’ll only be writing here when I feel compelled to do so.



5 responses to “A brief annonucement

  1. John—though I’ll miss the almost daily dose of Bebrowed, I couldn’t agree more with the idea of a break. I’m thinking of taking one too one of these days. Good luck with the new project and be sure to come back. Jim

  2. Good luck with a refreshing break. I have a lot of your back catalogue to look through and Arduity, should keep me happy. I have David Jones and Charles Olson from the library on your recommendation, enjoyed what I have read but have a lot of other reading on at the moment… getting there slowly may be no bad thing come to that.

  3. Best wishes on the break. As an expert on not blogging, I’m happy to endorse your plan.

    In the meantime, thanks for prodding me to return to David Jones. In Parenthesis is as good as you say — though indigestible enough that I’ll have to return to it. After various books including The Anamatheta — we’ll see how that goes.

    Has anyone pursued an analogy between Jones and Tolkien?

  4. [Not that anyone should be reading this, but the answer is yes. After Brooke, one would have thought it was in bad taste to read the Great War through Malory and romance, but two very different survivors did so.]

  5. I’ve enjoyed your posts John, as you know, and have used them to try to open my eyes and ears to areas of poetry that often seemed to slam the door in my face.
    You deserve a break. Enjoy it! If you find you can resume at some stage (perhaps less frequently if that helps) then you’ll have some ready-made followers.

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